The following forms will require you to login before completing.  Please follow all instructions. Thank you. 


Vacancy Notification Form

 The Vacancy Notification Form should be used anytime there is a vacant position at your building.  In the event that there is a candidate who you would like to recommend for the position, please fill out the Custodian Engineer’s Recommendation section prior to sending the form to NYCSSS.


Progressive Discipline Form

Use the Disciplinary Action Form to document all infractions and any corrective actions stemming from those infractions.

The companion guide to this form should be used to help assess what corrective action is necessary given the type and frequency of the infraction.


Payroll Form

Is used to correct payroll when an employee was not paid for hours the employee worked. Please follow the steps below: 

  • Please fill in the actual hours employee worked that week. 
  • Hours the employee did not get paid for. 
  • The form must be completed in its entirety. 


Split Title Form

For employees that have a permanent split title, example an 8 hour employee who works 4 hours as a Handyperson and 4 hours as a Cleaner everyday in the same assignment, a Split Title Form must be submitted to NYCSSS for approval via email, payrollhelp@nycsss.org or Fax, 844-893-4045.

This one-time form submission will ensure the employee is automatically paid for both titles without the custodian engineer having to submit a payroll form each pay period. The custodian engineer must, however, split the hours on the employee's timecard every pay period.