Meeting Minutes: May 10th, 2017

NYC School Support Services, Inc. Board Meeting

May 10, 2017, 8:30 am

321 W. 44th St., Suite 601


Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Board of NYC School Support Services, Inc. (NYCSSS) was called to order at 8:30 am by Chairperson Elizabeth Rose in the NYCSSS office.  Ms. Rose noted that a quorum was present to conduct business.

In attendance were:


Elizabeth Rose, NYCSSS Chairperson

Larian Angelo, NYCSSS Treasurer

Natalie Green Giles, NYCSSS Secretary

David Kramer, NYCSS Board Member

Jose Davila, NYCSSS Board Member


Also attending:


Stephen Brennan, NYCSSS Executive Director

John Shea, CEO of the Division of School Facilities, DOE

Erin Lester, Special Assistant to Deputy Chancellor Rose, DOE

Ralph Cremone, NYCSSS Chief Financial Officer

Arthur Holly, NYCSSS Director of HR

Greg Bracco, NYCSSS Director of Operations

Mark David, Director of Finance, Division of School Facilities, DOE

Nicolas Storelli-Castro, Education Task Force, New York City Office of Management and Budget

Richard Gorgoglione, member of the public (affiliated with Local 891)

Ms. Rose reviewed the agenda for the meeting, which included an operations and staffing update, a technology update, approval of contracts and payments, the approval of meeting minutes from March 1, 2017, and the consideration of any new business.

  1. Operations and Staffing Update

    Executive Director Stephen Brennan was called upon to provide an update on the operations and staffing of the corporation. Brennan reported that 23 staff members had now been hired, out of a total projected workforce of 25, with an emphasis on filling public facing positions, particularly in the operations center.  The operations center is currently staffed by six people, with a plan to add two more.  These operators staff customer service phone lines from 8:00 am-6:00 pm, responding to the needs of the custodial workforce.  Operators are bi-lingual and the feedback on the quality of customer support from Local 94 and 32BJ representatives has been positive.  In terms of school-based staffing, Mr. Brennan reported that NYCSSS has begun posting positions on the organization’s website, citing the desire to create a “bench” of approved workers so when a need arises, a Custodial Engineer (CE) can tap into the available pool. Approximately 100 resumes are under review.  This pool is in addition to an existing call waiting list, comprised of previously approved custodial staff who have been out of work for than six months, and who have first priority on any openings.  It was noted that the Division of School Facilities website should direct job seekers to the NYCSSS website for the listing of open positions.

     2. Technology Update

Brennan briefed the Board on his intent to hire a professional firm to put together a request for proposal (RFP) and assist with the vendor selection for an integrated work order system that combines the finance functionality with the human resources capital management needs. The Board had many questions about the expense associated with the services provided as well as Mr. Brennan’s identification of Ferrilli as the chosen provider of system selection services.

Mr. Brennan responded to questions by citing the current and successful use of Ferrilli’s services for technology support for NYCSSS, the desire to ensure the integration system purchased is the right product for the needs of the organization, and the necessity of the integrated system to provide excellent customer service to the NYCSSS workforce.  Ms. Green Giles requested more detail about the proposal to ensure the arrangement would allow the stated goals to be met.   Mr. Brennan agreed to provide a more detailed breakdown of the activities and costs associated with those activities.

The Board agreed that it was supportive of the arrangement in concept, but pending the following proposed amendments to the resolution: Brennan will provide a detailed breakdown on Ferrilli’s proposed work plan and the $45,000 in costs associated with that work plan; As per the request of Ms. Angelo, and seconded by the Board, the Board will have a chance to review the RFP prepared by Ferrilli before it is released.

        3. Approval of Contracts and Payments

Pending the amendments to the resolution as detailed above, Ms. Rose made a motion to approve the resolution authorizing entering into a contract with Ferrilli for $45,000 for technology services, and further authorizing the Executive Director of NYCSSS to take all actions and execute such documents as he may deem necessary and appropriate to effectuate the resolution.  The Board unanimously approved the resolution, pending the amendments.


      4. Approval of Meeting Minutes from March 1, 2017

Ms. Rose made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the March 1 meeting, and the motion was seconded.  Review of the minutes yielded no modifications.  A motion to approve the minutes was made and the Board unanimously voted in favor of approval.


     5. Comments from the Public

 Ms. Rose made a motion to recognize comments from the public, and the motion was approved.  Richard Gorgoglione, from Local 891, asked whether NYCSSS had plans to create a hiring pool through a hiring exam for replacing building cleaners.  Mr. Brennan responded that a hiring exam for cleaners did not seem to be an improvement over the training that happens at the school level, where the cleaners are working.  Mr. Shea also discussed the access to training funds available through both 32BJ and Local 94 as a way job training needs are being met. 


    6. New Business

Rose made a motion to discuss any new business of the corporation, and the motion was approved. She proposed a new standing agenda for all future Board meeting: a report on the workforce and payroll, including number of staff, hours, and dollars spent, so that the Board can better assess performance against the custodial budget.  The Board unanimously approved the suggestion, and Mr. Shea agreed to pull numbers for a comparison for the next Board meeting in July, noting that the comparison for this fiscal year, the first transitional year for NYCSSS, would be a bit tougher to assess.

Ms. Rose also announced the newly funded citywide investment in air conditioning window units in all classrooms over the next five years, and the impact of this initiative in terms of custodial demands.  Custodial staff will be responsible for the changing of the AC filters.  In addition, some school buildings will require major electrical work to support the installation of air conditioning units, and schools will still be required to replace broken AC units.

Finally, Ms. Rose reported on the DOE policy enacted that requires all schools to have at least one single stall bathroom converted and designated as available to all students.

There being no further business, a motion was made and approved to adjourn at approximately 9:45 am.  The next meeting of the NYCSSS Board will take place on August 1, 2017 at 8:30 am.


Respectfully submitted by Natalie Green Giles, Secretary