How can I update my personal information?

Changes can be made to an employee’s profile by visiting their EPAY profile. (Changes that can be made to a profile would be address and tax information.)


How long does the process usually take?

As part of the process there is an extensive background check that can take a variant amount of time (Usually ranging up to 3-4 weeks). As part of the process there is a fee of approximately $135.00 which includes fingerprinting and obtaining an ID.


How can I file for disability?

Employees who are filing for disability can fill out the DB-450 which is under the “Forms” tab. Please print and have the following parts filled out correctly. Part A is filled out by the employee. Part B is filled out by the Physician. Once those two portions are completed please fax the forms to 347-338-2471 where Part C would be completed by a NYCSSS employee.


Where can I apply to become a custodial worker?

Applicants can apply to become a custodial worker by visiting the “Job Listings” tab on the NYCSSS Website NYCSSS.org


Payroll Help

For all questions regarding payroll help please email payrollhelp@nycsss.org  to open a ticket.


How do I file for worker’s compensation?

Custodians would go to http://ww3.nysif.com/ on the homepage the sixth tab is labeled “Report an Injury” Once the form appears begin filling it out. Before completing and submitting be sure to enter workerscomp@nycsss.org in the “Report to email” section so that us here at NYCSSS are notified of the injury.


How do I apply for a Leave of Absence?

Leave of absence is time allowed away from work, generally requested by an employee, to cover unusual circumstances occurring in the employee’s life. The leave of absence is used when the employee’s time off from work is not covered under an employer’s existing benefits such as sick leave, paid vacation, paid holidays and paid time off.

For all employees that are looking to take a Leave of Absence please please contact us at Humanresoruces@nycsss.org to open a case, and representative will respond with further details.