FAQ - Wages (Direct Deposit, Payouts & Wages)

Is Direct Deposit required for all employees in both unions? 

  • Yes, NYCSSS will require that an employee's check be electronically deposited at the employee's designated bank or through a re-loadable Visa, Aline Card, which is provided by NYCSSS. The union shall be notified in advance by the employer of this arrangement. 


How can I enroll for Direct Deposit and what documentation is required? 

  • To enroll for direct deposit, employees must fill out a Direct Deposit Form and must attach a copy of a voided check or a letter from the bank detailing the bank account information. Once completed please fax to NYCSSS for processing.


How can I enroll for an Aline Card?

  • If an employee does not enroll for direct deposit they will automatically be enrolled for the Aline card which will be issued to the employee's home address. 


What is a Payout? 

  • A payout is issued when an employee is no longer employed with the organization. Based on the unions guidelines, the employee will receive a payout based on some of their accrued time.

32BJ Members

L94 Members

Grandfathered Sick is to be paid half of the total number of days and paid at the prior rate. To be eligible, a former employee must have 30 grandfather sick days and a minimum of 10 years of service. The rate is paid out at the rate before the employee transferred over to NYCSSS. Vacation Accruals will be paid out at the employee's current hourly rate.
All sick and vacation accruals will be paid out at the employee's current hourly rate. Sick leave payout is handled by the Union (L94).


What is the procedure for the employee to receive their payout? 

  • The custodian must fill out a Personnel Action Form (PAF), which can be found here.


Will 32BJ employees continue to receive shift differentials for doing work at night? 

  • There is no differential pay for night shifts. If your regular shift spans hours at night, these hours will be paid at the same rate as a shift in the day.