FAQ - Union Information & Dues

What unions are associate with NYCSSS?

  • The two unions in which NYCSSS are associate with are Local 94 & Local 32BJ


What are the titles for each of the unions? 

L94 Employees 32BJ Employees
Fireperson Cleaner
Stationary Engineer Handyperson
High Pressure Engineer Vacation Replacement Cleaner


Do all employees (Part-Time, Full-Time & Vacation Replacement Employees) pay union dues? 

  • Yes, all employees are required to pay union dues. Union dues are paid on a monthly basis and is deducted from the first check of every month. 


What are the union dues for employees in L94 & 32BJ? 

  • L94 Members
    • Effective January 1, 2018, the maximum monthly dues are 2.5 employee's hourly rate or $90.18.
  • 32BJ Members
    • Part Time Employees pay $33.00 in the event that they have worked less than 30 hrs per week.
    • Full Time Employees pay $75.00 when they have worked more than 30 hrs per week.


What are the fees that the employer deducts from the 32BJ's member's pay?

  • The employer agrees to deduct monthly dues, agency fees, initiation fees and American Dream Fund or Political Action Fund contribution, from the wages of an employee, when authorized by the employee in writing in accordance with applicable law. The union gives the Employer the necessary authorization forms. Please note, new hires (Vacation Replacement Cleaners/Fill-Ins do not sign any authorization forms. 


Are all 32BJ employees entitled to benefits? 

  • No not all employees are entitled to benefits. In order to receive benefits employees must work a minimum of 20 hours per week. 
                Hours Requirement
0 - 19 hrs per week - No benefits
20 - 29 hrs per week - Part time benefits
30 - 40 hrs per week - Full time benefits


How do I reach either union? 

L94 Members 32BJ Members

Address: 331-337 West 44th St

              New York, NY 10036

Address: 3225 West 18th St

              New York, NY 10011

Phone Number: (212) 331-1800 Phone Number: (212) 388-3800

Website: Click Here

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Website: Click Here

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