NYCSSS Employees who also hold positions within the DOE


DATE: April 17, 2020

TO: All NYCSSS Employees

FROM: NYC School Support Services, Inc. (NYCSSS)

RE: NYCSSS Employees who also hold positions within the DOE



During this time, we are aware that your Custodian Engineer may have changed most work schedules to daytime hours, given that students are not currently attending school due to COVID19.

NYCSSS employees who are also employed by the New York City Department of Education (DOE) in another capacity, including but not limited to School Aide, Secretary, Paraprofessional, Kitchen Worker, Custodian Engineer, School Safety Agent, etc., may not under any circumstances work in both a DOE position (whether on-site or from home) and in your NYCSSS position. As an example, a School Aide cannot be paid by the DOE to “Work from Home” and clock in for NYCSSS during the same hours that they are supposed to be working from home. This is considered double-dipping, which is a violation of NYC Conflicts of Interests Laws and is considered theft of time.

You must finish your shift with your employer (DOE) before the start of your shift with your employer (NYCSSS).

All positions and their shifts MUST follow the below guidelines:

  • NYCSSS and DOE work shifts cannot overlap or run parallel, i.e., you cannot be clocked-in for both positions during the same time during any part of the day.
  • You cannot work from home from your DOE position and on-site in an NYCSSS position at the same time.

NYCSSS employees in this situation must immediately inform their Custodian Engineer and request an immediate shift change that does not conflict with their DOE employment. If you cannot separate shift times for your positions, you will need to temporarily resign from one of your positions or ask for a leave without pay from one of your employers. Any employee found to be working in both positions at the same time will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

If you have any questions, please reach out to NYCSSS at