Covid 19 Absence Policy



 DATE:    March 18th, 2020

TO:            All NYCSSS Employees

FROM:     NYC School Support Services, Inc. (NYCSSS)

RE:            Absences Related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)



As of February 2nd, 2020 all NYCSSS employees who are absent from work due to one of the five circumstances listed below during the COVID-19 pandemic may receive COVID-19 paid leave as an excused absence, subject to the documentation requirements set forth below.

COVID-19 paid leave will be provided based on each employee’s previous approved work schedule at their current job site. All approved COVID-19 paid leave is paid at a straight time/hourly rate. The COVID-19 paid leave can be used in one-day increments.



Eligibility Guidelines



COVID-19 pandemic absences on or after February 2, 2020 shall be excusable and not charged to either sick or vacation leave banks when the absence is documented as a result of one of the following:



  • A confirmed case of COVID-19 where the employee is under mandatory quarantine or isolation in accordance with a directive issued by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) or other state or federal health agency;


  • Where an employee is symptomatic and under investigation for COVID-19 infection and required to remain absent as directed by health care provider or other state or federal agency;


  • Where an employee has been in close contact, as per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines (e.g. within 6 feet for a prolonged period of time), with an individual who has a laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 and needs to undergo testing and/or self-monitoring requiring absence from work, as certified by their health care provider or other state or federal health agency;


  • Where an employee has recently returned to New York State from countries/areas designated by the CDC or health care provider requiring absence for self-monitoring; or


  • Any other case where an individual employee has specifically been ordered or directed to be quarantined, isolated, or absent for self-monitoring by a health care provider related to COVID-19 including any quarantines recognized by DOHMH or other public health agencies.




Please note: (a) NYCSSS employees in these categories will not have absences charged to their sick or vacation leave banks for the duration of the period they need to be out of work per the guidelines set forth from a health care provider or other state or federal health agencies. Any time that is missed after that will be charged to an employee’s sick and/or vacation leave balances; and


(b) absences due to regular illness or general flu-like symptoms that are not documented as COVID-19-related will be treated according to the standard sick leave/vacation time policies. 



Borrowing Days

All employees who exhaust all COVID-19 paid leave and sick/vacation time will be permitted to borrow up to 30 additional sick days for COVID-19 related absences. The 30 additional days is inclusive of the number of leave days already taken by an employee for COVID-19 related absences.




Any NYCSSS employee who requests COVID-19 paid leave and meets the requirements for one of the above-listed eligibility categories MUST submit appropriate documentation from a certified healthcare provider that includes the provider’s active license or provider number, and the duration of leave required. NYCSSS may request additional documentation at its discretion. You MUST notify your direct supervisor (CE) and submit the required documentation to NYCSSS directly at


Returning to Work:

Any employee who has utilized COVID-19 paid leave MUST submit a doctor’s note clearing them to return to “Full Duty” with No Restrictions. Your doctor’s note must be submitted prior to the first day back to work to:


*In the future New York State may issue other mandated policies or procedures regarding COVID-19 paid time off and/or leave in which case NYCSSS will update its policy accordingly.